Transpaq logistique

Logistics is one of the major global elements. This includes all the functions involved in satisfying the client demands, from the point of departure to the final destination. Transpaq Logistics implements tools and methods to automate and improve supplies, reducing inventory and delivery times. Transpaq Logistics relies on the company's information system. Our road service gives you access to an impressive bank of carefully selected carriers to work with you.

Types of Transpaq Logistics Tasks

Whatever the sector or context:
  • Transport service current price and always at competitive prices
  • Partial Lot (LTL) and Full Load (FTL)
  • Exclusive loading (emergency)
  • Overloading (out of order)
  • Loading specialize (perishable, dangerous etc ...)
  • Possibility of storage
  • Administrative operations: processing and follow-up of orders, at all times
  • Physical operations: order preparation, handling, transportation ...

What is the logistics for?

Its purpose is to allow:
  • economic management of production, by eliminating costly stock outs, through constant information on the state of the market
  • Inventory reduction thanks to an accelerated rotation of stored goods, the answer adapted to a very volatile demand
  • making the product available to the end customer in the shortest possible time and at the best possible distribution
  • cost monitoring and improving the quality of the chain that connects the producer to the consumer to achieve the "zero defects" of the product served and the service rendered.


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